twenty-twenty vision

2020 was unreliable, unrealistic and unimaginable. It felt like playing pretend, that everything is fine and all “this” is normal… Everyone was lacking fervor and in a pensive state of mind–aimlessly staring out at nothing until our visions became doubled and blurred. Only to have people wave their hands in front of us to snap us back to “reality”.

At the end of the day, one can’t help but question what is the “silver lining” to all this chaos, division and anger? If all the luxuries of traveling, wine and dine, shopping, etc are stripped away, what is there to “define” us? Who are we if we no longer have all these distractions and personas? How do we truly find fulfillment and motivation in ourselves? 

Although I am still navigating through these existential questions I believe the start of living meaningfully and happily going forward is to surrender to the feeling of harmony, gratefulness and love–for ourself and everyone. To live a life not dictated by our Ego, but the compassion in our hearts. Willingly make meaningful connections with others, being open-minded and accepting. Creating new art, technology and businesses with this refreshed vision of unity and respect for each other…and our Earth.

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