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  1. heartache

    08 Jan 2021

    How do I even began to express how heartbroken I am to see the country and people I love and respect so torn apart. The amount of hate, anger and division in our country against each other is something I cannot fathom. Since when did our nation become so vengeful…

  2. twenty-twenty vision

    01 Jan 2021

    2020 was unreliable, unrealistic and unimaginable. It felt like playing pretend, that everything is fine and all “this” is normal… Everyone was lacking fervor and in a pensive state of mind–aimlessly staring out at nothing until our visions became doubled and blurred. Only to have people wave their hands in…

  3. space and time

    15 Oct 2020

    There has been a lot of twist and turns and adjustments…forward movements and then back a few steps. I am currently trying to be at peace and “smell the roses” during these transitional and chaotic times. Thankfully, I have learned a lot more about myself and seen some synchronicities from…

  4. earthing

    14 Aug 2020

    Remember how we used to run bare-foot as kids and felt connected to the Earth, nature and the universe? It seems as we get older, we forget our natural and instinctive connection to the the soil, the Earth. Being disconnected to nature might seem like a small loss to us…

  5. sun-daze

    28 May 2020

    The best kind of weekends, Sundays in particular, are spent in the quiet suburbs of Pasadena. Honestly as I get older, I find myself visiting places that are chill and quiet, filled with nature and blue skies. Maybe I am just an old lady in a Millennial’s body, who knows…

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