space and time

There has been a lot of twist and turns and adjustments…forward movements and then back a few steps. I am currently trying to be at peace and “smell the roses” during these transitional and chaotic times. Thankfully, I have learned a lot more about myself and seen some synchronicities from the Universe that lets me know I am heading in the right direction. 

I think a break and rest is much needed not just for me, but the human collective too. It seems 2020 is going to be a never-ending ride with no destination in sight. For some, this is the best time to stop and “go naturally with the flow of time” (as my mom often says), while others grit their teeth and bulldoze past this year. I was in the latter, just non-stop pushing myself to work, keep making things, planning and trying to control the direction I wanted my life to go. Ever since high school to college and all the way up to a few months ago this year, I never knew how to let go and be idle for once. Sometimes the answer is to just surrender a bit, silence the mind (ego) and let our heart (authenticity) lead the way. 

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