How do I even began to express how heartbroken I am to see the country and people I love and respect so torn apart. The amount of hate, anger and division in our country against each other is something I cannot fathom. Since when did our nation become so vengeful, hateful and egotistical? I pray that our constitution upholds their moral compass and deliver the right action to Donald Trump, his disturbing supporters and the cowardly Republican cabinet members. The attacks on African Americans, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, LGBTQ, minorities and anything other than “white” has become too inhumane. These Trump supporters and rioters have lost all compassion, acception, love and most importantly humanity. Their hate, intolerance, bigotry and ego has pushed them over the line to the point of abandoning all reason—for what cause?? We need to unite together, those of us that still have love and compassion, to protect each other and carry each other through these dark times. We will not be afraid of their hate and we will stand together even stronger through this division. Those that love and accept each other and respect each other’s differences peacefully are the true Americans. May love and light, healing and harmony be restored upon us as individuals and as Americans. 

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