The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding

Remember how we used to run bare-foot as kids and felt connected to the Earth, nature and the universe? It seems as we get older, we forget our natural and instinctive connection to the the soil, the Earth. Being disconnected to nature might seem like a small loss to us when we have so many other things to worry about like making money, taking care of our family, etc. Our modern day and society has disconnected us from our most basic human instinct – to connect and ground back with nature and Earth. Didn’t our ancestors use to sleep on the ground and walk on the ground? Everything was natural, everything was healing. They were never disconnected from nature, day and night they grew with Mother Earth. Beneath our artificial exterior, we are just electrical beings that needs to recharge our energy fields. We need to recalibrate our bodies and energy by putting our feet or body on the ground, the refreshing grass…the healing phenomenon that is Mother Earth. 

Perhaps I am at a point in my life where I feel out of balance and ungrounded. Interestingly this documentary showed up on my YouTube feed recently and my intuition told me that I should watch it. So I watched it…and this documentary really resonated with me. 

From a young age, I always felt connected with nature and life. However I lost part of it during my 20’s. Now I am in my late 20’s and I realized that I need to reconnect back to nature. Especially during this pandemic, life has completely slowed down for me and inevitably I had to rethink my life path. Instinctively I’ve been longing for nature and to take walks in gardens. I think I will start again by doing weekend meditations on the grass, barefoot, in my shorts, soaking up the sun and the healing energy of the soil. 

I truly recommend whoever stumbles upon this post, to watch the documentary. It not only talks about the healing properties of reconnecting back to the Earth, but touches on the spiritual aspects of grounding, as well as the epidemic of disease and pain. Please keep an open mind about this-it does not have to be something political / pharmaceutical, it is simply about taking the time to spend outdoors, barefoot and touch the Earth. 

So yeah, moms were right when they said, “Go outside and play! Get some fresh air!”

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